James D. Foley GVU Center Endowment

The Foley Scholar Endowment is named for Dr. James D. Foley, professor and founder of the GVU Center. The endowment was established in 2007 by Dr. Foley’s colleagues and GVU alumni, to honor his significant contributions in the field of computing, his influence on the work of others, and his dedication to the development of new research approaches.

Due to Georgia Tech policies, we can no longer take online donations.  To make a cash gift to the Foley Scholars Endowment Fund, make your check payable to the Georgia Tech Foundation Inc. and mail it to the following address:

Vivian Chandler
Corporate Relations
GVU Center at Georgia Tech
85 5th Street, NW.
Atlanta, GA  30332-0280

Please be sure to indicate on your check that the funds are designated for the Foley Scholars Endowment Fund.

If you have any questions, please contact Vivian Chandler – Office (404-385-1252) or e-mail (chandler@cc.gatech.edu)

Foley Scholars Founders

 Dr. Foley came to Georgia Tech in 1991 and a year later established the GVU Center. His vision helped establish the credibility of human/computer interaction as a serious discipline within computer science. Over the years, Dr. Foley has remained steadfast in his desire to provide bright young minds with the environment and support they need in order to flourish. His proudest legacy will be the significant impact he has had on students. More about Dr. Foley her e.


2013 Foley Scholar Candidates

The GVU Center at Georgia Tech is pleased to announce and recognize the 2013 Foley Scholar Candidates for their outstanding research contributions. The Foley Scholar candidates were selected because of their innovative research and efforts in shaping technology for a broad range of challenges in modern society.

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2013 Candidates:

Candace Brakewood
(Ph.D. Transportation Systems, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering) - Kari Watkins, advisor
Mason Bretan
(Ph.D. Music Technology, School of Music) - Gil Weinberg, advisor
Christopher DeLeon
(Ph.D. Digital Media, School of Literature, Media & Communication) - Celia Pearce, advisor
Casey Fiesler
(Ph.D. Human-Centered Computing, School of Interactive Computing) - Amy Bruckman, advisor
Iulian Radu
(Ph.D. Human-Centered Computing, School of Interactive Computing) - Blair MacIntyre, advisor
Caleb Southern
(Ph.D. Human-Centered Computing, School of Interactive Computing) - Gregory Abowd, advisor
Jie Tan
(Ph.D. Computer Science, School of Interactive Computing) - Greg Turk, advisor
Alexander Zook
(Ph.D. Human-Centered Computing, School of Interactive Computing) - Mark Riedl, advisor
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We accept scholarship donations by check or by credit card. Your gift will be recorded and a tax receipt will be issued promptly. Please include a short note with your check stating its purpose (Foley Scholars Endowment), or note this on the memo line of your check.
Send a Check by Mail
Made payable to the Georgia Tech Foundation
Attention: Vivian Chandler, External Relations
GVU Center@Georgia Tech
85 5th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0760

Credit Card Donation
Tax deductible gifts may be made online by credit card. Donate online

Manual – Donations can be also made through Georgia Tech’s Office of Development by printing and completing this form.
Instead of a one-time gift, you may choose to support the Foley Scholars Endowment by pledging a set amount over a period of up to five years.  You may do this by completing a Letter of Intent which indicates the total pledge amount, the payment schedule, the purpose of the gift, and any pertinent matching gift information.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many corporations match the gifts of their current or retired employees. Your company’s human resources department can provide details along with a matching gift form to include with your gift.

Questions about the Foley Scholars Endowment?

Contact Vivian Chandler @ 404-385- 1252 or chandler "at" cc.gatech.edu

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