Crowdsourcing UN 2015 Millennium Development Goals

Faculty: Michael Best
Students: Amanda Meng

Crowdsourcing UN 2015 Millennium Development Goals

In 2000 the United Nations announced the Millennium Development Goals, a set of development targets and objectives to reduce poverty and improve health, education, and the environment. These goals are set to be completed by 2015. The system of United Nations organizations is currently formulating a new set of development goals for beyond 2015. To create a more participatory process, the International Telecommunication Union uses an online platform to crowdsource the ideas and comments of youth around the world. The ITU requested the assistance of the TID lab to provide interpretation and textual analysis of the youth’s priorities based on the crowdsourced data. We are developing new visualizations and analysis of this unique dataset. This analysis will help inform the post 2015 UN development agenda.

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