Game of Game of Thrones

Faculty: Janet Murray
Students: Arielle Cason, Jian Li, Jiang Li, Lawrence Chan, Rachael Miles, Ryan McDonnell, Zixuan Wang

Research Focus: Gaming , New Media , Social Computing

Game of Game of Thrones

The complexity of television shows has been increasing.  In order to follow a story, viewers might be expected to stay abreast of more plot threads, remember more characters, and retain information introduced in earlier seasons.  Media technology has made the job easier by allowing viewers to review in various ways; they may replay a scene or entire episodes, they may visit an online forum for fans, or they may play a video game that is related to that story.

Game of Game of Thrones is a video game design intended to explore how a video game could enhance the viewing of a television series.  Specifically, what could be accomplished by an episodic game whose episodes are interleaved with series episodes?  Our design was guided by two goals: 1) help viewers cope with increasing information requirements and 2) offer an additional dramatic layer to the series, one that could be harmlessly eschewed by viewers who don't care to play a game.  

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