Students: Ricky Yu, Sea Wu, Edward Zhang, Charlie Denton

Research Focus: Virtual Reality


Under the cover of night, the player inflitrates the palace of a despotic ruler. Your mission: steal a prized sword without being caught by a guard. Trespass invites players to step into the shoes of an archetypal ninja and play through a thrilling interactive vignette of Japanese history. The story is based in part on historical accounts of the life of Ishikawa Goemon, a well known ninja of the 16th century. Our intention in building Trespass is to explore how players respond to spatial barriers in the virtual world. By utilizing HTC Vive and Unity, Trespass will immerse the player in grand digital rooms and subtle performances of stealth. Additionally, the game takes advantage of the affordances of VR by allowing players to physically walk around digital spaces that are "folded" to fit within the boundaries of a much smaller physical room.

Upcoming Demos