Georgia Tech Faculty, Students, and Alumni Take Part in 41st Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

Members of the Georgia Tech research community were present last week at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society in Montreal, Canada. This year, the conference highlighted research on the theme Creativity+Cognition+Computation, as well as the full breadth of research topics offered by the society’s membership.

Many Georgia Tech faculty, students, and alumni participated among the leadership for the conference.

  • Professor Ashok Goel served as the conference’s co-chair;
  • Professor Keith McGreggor was the sponsorship chair;
  • Wendy Newstetter of the College of Engineering and Center for 21st Century Universities served on the awards committee;
  • Georgia Tech alum Jim Davies was co-chair for publication-based talks;
  • Georgia Tech alum Maithilee Kunda was co-chair for member abstracts;
  • Georgia Tech alum Swaroop Vattam served on the workshops and tutorials committee.

School of Interactive Computing adjunct professors Brian Magerko and Gil Weinberg, primarily of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and School of Music, respectively, were also part of a panel on Creativity in the Arts.

Ph.D. students Sungeun An presented a poster paper at the conference titled Learning by Doing: Supporting Experimentation in Inquiry-Driven Modeling (Sungeun An, Robert Bates, Jennifer Hammock, Spencer Rugaber, Emily Weigel, Ashok Goel), and Marissa Gonzales another titled Why are Some Online Education Programs Successful: Student Cognition and Success (Marissa Gonzales, Ashok Goel).

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