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Games with a purpose (GWAPs) have proven to be effective solutions to solving difficult problems, labeling data, and collecting commonsense knowledge. Unlike traditional games, GWAPs must balance between acquiring accurate solutions or data and maintaining player engagement. However, when it comes to designing GWAPs, the effects of different game mechanics on accuracy and engagement are not well understood. We have conducted two studies to understand the way different choices of game mechanics and their affect on player behavior.
HIV in India is a widely prevalent and complex disease. Treatment is an issue for the economically disadvantaged for financial and social reasons. When designing technology in this context it is important to remember not just the technical requirements but also the effects of stigma and other such contextual factors. NGOs play a key role in the dissemination of awareness and treatment. Thus the outreach workers at the NGO are an important aspect of connecting with the PLHIV. This project is the result of ethnographic research work done over summer '16 and spring '17.
In our research, we leverage ideas from citizen science and the open science movement to create an infrastructure for facilitating partnerships between volunteer STEM workers and social movement organizations. Towards this goal, we will do action research with the nonprofit organization Science for the People (SP). Science for the People engages in research, activism, and science communication for the betterment of society and the environment.


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