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Seed is a sensor and electronics educational database developed for use at the Interactive Product Design Lab. The lab teaches designers electronic prototyping skills-- Seed assists in this mission by providing information on electronic components through an online database, physical RFID card library, and RFID sensing unit. Parts are categorized into 6 groups: logic, power, input, output, tools, and projects. When a student needs information about a component, they can select a card and place it on the RFID reader.
Georgia Tech and the Human Interface Branch of NASA partnered together to find a way to detect astronauts’ body positions in space. In the zero-gravity space environment, it becomes difficult to monitor tasks that lead to repetitive stress injuries or fatigue. Monitoring movement would help NASA pinpoint high-stress actions and make adjustments to corresponding mission tasks. We developed an unobtrusive, textile-based system to monitor astronauts’ arm position in real time, in zero gravity, and without the constraints of camera-based motion-input devices.
We have a multi-year project exploring how game performance and player behavior can be used to perform scientifically valid cognitive, personality, skill, and behavioral measures. This project involves hypothesizing about how game mechanics, levels, situations etc. could assess aspects of a player that are currently measured via validated traditional tests/activities/interviews, designing games around these hypotheses, and running user studies. Another aspect of this work is exploring how theming, feedback, game type influence the assessment validity and the players' desire to play the game.

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