MD2K: Engagement Wrapper - Keeping Users Engaged Through Mobile Technology

Gregory Abowd
Yilin Elaine Liu, Linlu Zhou, Hayley Evans

HCC professionals, psychologists, and many other researchers are interested in understanding how to better influence participant engagement in interventions that involve technology. This is especially true in instances when researchers are not able to provide monetary incentives over an extended period of time. Georiga Tech along with a team at the University of Michigan (working under an NIH-funded MD2K project) are exploring how to keep individuals motivated in such interventions through mobile technology and gamification.


We are interested in ubiquitous computing and the research issues involved in building and evaluating ubicomp applications and services that impact our lives. Much of our work is situated in settings of everyday activity, such as the classroom, the office and the home. Our research focuses on several topics including, automated capture and access to live experiences, context-aware computing, applications and services in the home, natural interaction, software architecture, technology policy, security and privacy issues, and technology for individuals with special needs.