Learning about Teaching in Low-Resource Environments

Lab: TanDEm
Faculty: Neha Kumar
Students: Aditya Vishwanath, Arkadeep Kumar, Aman Mangal

Research Focus: Educational Technologies , Human-Computer Interaction , International Development

Learning about Teaching in Low-Resource Environments

While there is a growing focus on leveraging technology use for learning gains across the world, this focus is yet to extend to infrastructurally limited environments in India, among other countries. We draw on qualitative research conducted in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and West Bengal to highlight the challenges of designing educational technologies for "low-resource'' contexts, particularly when they are "low-resource'' along different dimensions. We also present findings from a survey of online educational technology providers in India to highlight the gaps that must be addressed before these can target socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. Taken together, our research provides a deeper understanding of the nuances that accompany "low-resource'' and how a careful assessment of these might inform appropriate design of educational technology interventions in the field of HCI for Development (HCI4D).

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