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Gestures for interfaces should be short, pleasing, intuitive, and easily recognized by a computer. However, it is a challenge for interface designers to create gestures easily distinguishable from users' normal movements. Our tool MAGIC Summoning addresses this problem. Given a specific platform and task, we gather a large database of unlabeled sensor data captured in the environments in which the system will be used (an "Everyday Gesture Library" or EGL). MAGIC can output synthetic examples of the gesture to train a chosen classifier.
Future surface EVAs on Mars will be exploratory in nature and require flexible geospatial tools to support dynamic operations. These EVAs will have limited support from ground control and will need to be executed autonomously. This new dynamic will require IV astronauts to take a more active role in future EVAs. This study presents findings from multiple rounds of usability studies using participants from NASA and the JPL as they simulate the management of an EVA using a prototype geospatial interface.
This study explores the value of novel interfaces to support historic tours and reenactment practices at Atlanta's oldest public burial grounds, Oakland Cemetery, by exploring themes of Victorian death culture, African American traditions, and change.


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