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Our AI agent (Frogger) explains its decisions in plain English—why do we need that? As Aritificial Intelligence (AI) becomes ubiquitous in our lives, there is a greater need for them to be explainable, especially to end-users who need not be AI experts. Come by to see how our system produces plausible rationales and understand how human perceptions of these rationales affect user acceptance and trust in AI systems.
You are on a mission to foreign planets with the company of your captain. While landing on the planet in a transporter, you need to show hospitality to the alien representative with gestures since no translators to the alien culture are present. You need to mimic the gestures of the alien representative and establish a diplomatic relationship.
Healthcare delivery processes are complex activities that span organizational, spatial, and temporal boundaries. Systemic insights, redesign, and improvements are consequently difficult to achieve. Using existing digital healthcare data, we are developing a data-driven methodology, fusing computational systems modeling, data mining, and interactive visualization, to identify, describe, and visualize healthcare delivery processes. Our system will help providers (e.g. physicians, nurses, etc.) and strategic decision makers (e.g.

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App Lab

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A mobile computing "hackerspace."
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GVU Prototyping Lab

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Usability Lab

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