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CulturEat is an application that bridges the skilled home chefs or cooks with urban diners who are looking for authentic and affordable cultural meals. It gives the cooks the ability to upload their masterpieces and sell them to earn extra income while sharing cultural heritage/stories of the dish with diners. It helps to restructure the current societal food sharing system and promote positive cultural impacts on social cohesion via food.
In-vehicle technologies such as modern radios, GPS devices, eco-driving displays, and smartphones require users to interact with multiple types of visual-based menus and lists while driving. Modern technologies require users to navigate these screens using physical buttons and touch screens, although recent advances have included the use of steering wheel buttons, turn wheels, Head Up Displays (HUDs) and others.
The Internet of Things (IoT) will soon touch nearly all of the interactions we have with our world and with the things around us, and the interaction of those things with each other. GT-RNOC is developing a number of IoT-related projects that help students demonstrate and better understand some of the complexity and range of applications that the IoT encompasses.

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