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Much of the research on educational technology (e.g., MOOCs and adaptive learning systems) has been driven by the capabilities of technology instead of the pedagogy and cognition of learners. Our research takes the opposite approach. A review of the literature on educational technology and instructional methods for teaching STEM courses was used to identify the strengths of technology in education. These findings are being used to develop educational technology and provide heuristics and guidelines for developing effective STEM courses that optimally support learning.
Biological systems in general are multifunctional and environmentally sustainable. Thus, biologically inspired design is posited as leading to multifunctional and environmentally sustainable designs. Design in general is characterized as a problem-driven process. However, biologically inspired design also entails the twin process of solution-based design. Previous work has postulated that the solution-based design process is prone to design fixation but leads to more multi-functional designs. Design Study Library (DSL) is a digital library of eighty-three cases of biologically inspired design.
When brought together the 3d printed cubes adhere and maintain contact when moved. The cubes exhibit nonpolar behavior attaching in any face to face orientation and do not rely on indexing features. This allows users to easily and rapidly create massing models which can take a wide variety of forms, be quickly and repeatedly reconfigured, and be moved as a single unit.

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