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Guthman Competition, March 9

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Healthcare delivery processes are complex activities that span organizational, spatial, and temporal boundaries. Systemic insights, redesign, and improvements are consequently difficult to achieve. Using existing digital healthcare data, we are developing a data-driven methodology, fusing computational systems modeling, data mining, and interactive visualization, to identify, describe, and visualize healthcare delivery processes. Our system will help providers (e.g. physicians, nurses, etc.) and strategic decision makers (e.g.
The Quixote system is an artificial intelligence technique for teaching robots and artificial virtual agents how to do things by telling them stories. Stories present a natural means of communicating complicated, tacit procedural knowledge. Quixote thus reads in natural language stories and learns to emulate the behaviors of the characters in the stories. The long term goal of the project is to make AI programming accessible to non-programmers and non-AI experts. We have also shown that stories can be an effective means of demonstrating ethical behavior to robots and AIs.
ClipLine, a social sharing mobile platform that helps users turn their favorite TV scenes into customized GIFs and instantly share them with their friends and the outside world. Voting up the best GIFs, re-clipping, and following other accounts will also be main features of ClipLine.

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 12

    ML@GT ICML Luncheon

    Luncheon for ML@GT students, faculty, and alumni who are attending ICML 2019.

  • Jun 19

    ML@GT CVPR Luncheon

    A luncheon for all ML@GT students, faculty and alumni who are attending CVPR 2019.

  • Dec 4-6

    ITU Kaleidoscope

    The Georgia Institute of Technology is hosting ICT for Health: Networks, standards and innovation, December 4-6

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