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The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation supports community research across the State of Georgia by engaging a network of researchers, community leaders, and key stakeholders to advance local initiatives for innovation. Many of the projects are supported through the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge, a program that provides community research assistance by activating collaborations between researchers and municipalities to explore innovative uses of technology and data in pursuit of prosperity for all. Georgia Smart has supported 20 community research projects across the state.
Previous studies have revealed that mental health patients share their social media with their clinicians during consultations. They explain what they posted or what they saw on social media or show the content using their smartphones. However, why and how patients share it has been underexplored. Therefore, we would like to learn: a) why and how they share their social media during consultations; b) how the experiences affected their therapeutic relationships; c) how technologies can better serve their needs for sharing social media with clinicians.
Combining querying and pattern mining for event sequence exploration


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