GVU Research Showcase Participation Instructions

The biannual GVU Center Research Showcase is taking place Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2-5 pm in the Technology Square Research Building. We invite GVU-affiliated labs and those at Georgia Tech collaborating in core GVU research areas to participate.

Submit demo information online once to get listed in both the print program and the web app. Both listings are essential to get visitors to your demo(s) during the event (showcase averages ~100 GVU demos and ~300 visitors).

Submission is simple: Use our online portal (instructions below) to submit all details and promote your work how you would like visitors to see it online. Project/demo details are published to the GVU website on our lab’s page and in the GVU Showcase web app. Web page example


  • Friday, Mar. 13, listing in print program 
    • Want better foot traffic for your demo or not a TSRB resident? Put TSRB TBD for location in the online form.
    • We’ll let you know by Mar. 18 the location options available in the building. Participants requesting a new location must select an option NLT Mar. 20 or assignments will be made.
  • Friday, Mar. 20, inclusion in the web app (disregard if you’ve met Mar. 13 print program deadline)


GVU Showcase Participant Instructions:

VideoGet up and running in 60 seconds

Three easy steps ‘Projects’ are Forever. ‘Demos’ are you project scheduled for an event.

Projects will stay listed on the GVU Website and offer high visibility for your work. Unpublish (please don’t delete) older projects you don’t want listed. Beyond the showcase, your project information allows us to find other opportunities to promote your research.

1-    Go to your lab from main labs page and log in/subscribe to your lab/group if not a member alread

  • Lab not listed? Contact gvu@cc.gatech.edu to get a lab page.
  • Not affiliated with a lab? Add your project here.

2-    Add/Update Project

3-    Schedule your ‘Project’ as a ‘Demo’ for GVU Showcase (include TSRB lab number so we can include it on the map). Location pending? List TSRB TBD if you want us to look for a location with better foot traffic or if you are not a TSRB resident.

4-    Sit back and wait for new fans of your work.