Active Pathways

Ali Mazalek, Sanjay Chandrasekharan, Nancy Nersessian
Apurva Gupta, Manasvi Lalwani, Ahmed Arif, Roozbeh Manshaei, Sean DeLong

Active Pathways aims to support learning and discovery in systems biology by allowing users to construct and manipulate biochemical reaction network simulations using active tangibles on an interactive tabletop display surface. Researchers in systems biology currently run simulation programs that model different experimental parameters such as concentrations inside cells and reaction speeds. Parameters are adjusted algorithmically or by entering numbers into equations. The simulation results are then plotted as graphs in order to discover hidden patterns in the network. Using tangible and tabletop interaction techniques, we provide a direct hands-on way for researchers to construct and manipulate models in order to gain a better understanding of the systems they are studying.

Ali Mazalek

TSynlab explores emerging modalities in new media. Our research focuses on tangible interaction and sensing technologies that support creative expression bridging the physical and digital worlds. Applications range across media arts, entertainment and educational domains.