Dr. Elizabeth Mynatt, Dr. Brad Fain
Nicole Kosoris

The ARTEMIS project is designed to test new tools and techniques in Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) for First Responders.  ARTEMIS research focuses on two major paths: the optimization of heads-up displays for first responders, and test-retest variance elements required to limit learning effects while maintaining comparability, enabling measurement of efficacy for new tools and techniques.  The system under development has a tertiary goal of providing an immersive VR training and simulation tool for first responders.  Current scenarios are developed for Police use, with upcoming scenarios for other First Response purposes, but the system is designed to be extensible to multiple contexts.

Beth Mynatt

We introduce a new area of interaction research, everyday computing, by focusing on scaling ubiquitous computing with respect to time. Our motivations for everyday computing stem from wanting to support the informal and unstructured activities typical of much of our everyday lives. Our goal is understanding the transformation of everyday life as computing is ubiquitously integrated into informal, daily activities and routines.