Augmented Reality experiments on Support for Political Protest vs. Terrorism

Jeremy Johnson, Maribeth Gandy, Jeff Wilson, Scott Robertson, Amy Lambeth
Dhruv Karunakaran

In collaboration with political science researchers from Georgia State University and University at Albany, we are developing augmented reality-based experiments to examine the impact of grievance, opportunity, and risk as motivating factors when choosing to engage in political protest or terrorism. Study participants assume the role of a fictional ethnic minority in a fictional country and engage in dialogs with virtual characters that attempt to persuade the participant to join a peaceful student-led protest or join a violent resistance movement. Participants wear a head-mounted video display instrumented with cameras that allow them to view computer graphics mixed with the physical space about them. Sitting at a table, the participant can then see and hear virtual characters that appear to sit across from them, allowing the participant to experience the first-person point of view in dialogs with these virtual characters.

Maribeth Gandy

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