Gregory Abowd, Munmun De Choudhury, Lauren Wilcox, Kaya De Barbaro,

College students encounter many challenges in the pursuit of their educational goals. When these challenges are prolonged, they can have drastic consequences on health and on personal, social, and academic life. Our multi-institution project, called CampusLife, conceptualizes the student body as a quantified community to quantify, assess, infer, and understand factors that impact well-being. Our goal is to develop privacy-honoring infrastructure and tools that can first sense lifestyle, moods, activities through active and passive techniques, and then utilize that information in the design of self-reflective tools that could make students more self-aware and pro-active toward improving their well-being.


We are interested in ubiquitous computing and the research issues involved in building and evaluating ubicomp applications and services that impact our lives. Much of our work is situated in settings of everyday activity, such as the classroom, the office and the home. Our research focuses on several topics including, automated capture and access to live experiences, context-aware computing, applications and services in the home, natural interaction, software architecture, technology policy, security and privacy issues, and technology for individuals with special needs.