Alessandro Orso
Shauvik Roy Choudhary, Eduardo Noronha, Manav Dutta, Michael Long

CheckDroid is a service for Android development teams to test and support their applications on different devices. We are creating the next generation testing & debugging tools for mobile developers.
Testing mobile apps across different platforms is challenging because of the sheer number of device types -- 22 iOS devices & 18K Android devices. This is often referred to as the Fragmentation problem.

Our demo will present two tools:

1. App Mirror: This a capture-replay tool that allows a mobile developer to record their interactions with the app on one device and see the results of the same interaction across multiple devices.
It allows for both LIVE replay for manual testing and for reporting any differences or issues in an offline report.

2. Cloud Test: This is a web-based environment that allows the developer to interactively write tests for their app and then run these tests on a test-bed of devices.

Alex Orso

Our software engineering group works on development and maintenance of software, with the overall goal of creating high-quality software. To achieve this goal, we perform research in software testing, program analysis, program understanding, modeling and design, failure analysis, fault localization, debugging, remote monitoring, human and social aspects of software engineering, and software engineering education.