Detecting EEG in the ear

Melody Jackson and Thad Starner
Larry Freil, Ceara Byrne

The project explores the potential of customized ear electrodes in mobile EEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). Our aim is to provide a simple, hands-free, voice-free method for performing a single selection (button press), or a binary selection (yes/no). We investigate the minimum brain signal processing time for the selection, and measure the trade-offs in terms of speed vs. accuracy. We experiment with different ear-electrode designs in a wearable system and compare results against a state-of-the-art commercial EEG system in order to help determine optimal design of the wearable system.

Melody Jackson

The Brain Lab explores innovative ways of accomplishing human-computer interaction through biometric inputs. Biometric interfaces identify and measure small changes in a person's behavior or physiological responses to certain stimuli. The work has potential in many areas, especially for providing individuals with disabilities a means of personal "hands-off" control of computers and other devices.