Developing a Quick-Start Guide to Aid Older Adults with Gesture Performance

Wendy A. Rogers; Tracy L. Mitzner
Christina N. Harrington; Kristin J. Hare

Exergames, or exertion video games, are interactive, exercise based video games that are a promising in-home approach to physical activity, therapeutic and rehabilitation training, and social interaction for older adults. Research shows that older users have difficulty using exergames due to overly complex interfaces, difficult gestures, and an overall lack of training and familiarity with these systems. To alleviate these usability challenges older adults experience with the use of Kinect-based exergames, we developed a Quick-Start Guide (QSG) as a form of instructional guide to display gesture interactions and trouble-shooting techniques to aid system use. Our current study evaluates three different formats of QSG to assess the most effective in helping older adults use these systems. Findings will provide insights into the best methods of constructing quick-start guides for interactive technologies for the older adult population.