EarSketch: Teaching CS through Music Composition

Brian Magerko, Jason Freeman
Regis Verdin, Anand Mahadevan, Chris Latina, Tulika Saraf, Tanisha Wagh, Alex Duncan, Ziwen Fan, Tom Jordan, Elise Livingston, Michael Madaio, Scott McCoid, Erica Richards

Computational remixing of hip-hop (i.e. using code to control loops and beats to compose music) can be used as a tool for the cultural engagement in computing of underrepresented populations. EarSketch is a digital audio workstation environment, with an accompanying curriculum, that will allow high school and summer workshop students to create their own computational remixes through learning computing principles.

Brian Magerko
Jason Freeman, Duri Long
Takeria Blunt, Erin Truesdell, Manoj Deshpande, Sarah Mathew, Atefeh Mahdavi

The Expressive Machinery Lab (formerly ADAM Lab) explores the intersection between cognition, creativity, and computation through the study of creative human endeavors and by building digital media artifacts that represent our findings. Applications of our findings range from AI-based digital performance to interactive narrative experiences to educational media design and development.