eLIFE: Providing Digital Support for Individuals with ASD Level 1

Rosa Arriaga
Charlotte Lou

While everyone needs help from time to time, people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)- Level 1  are impaired without others' support. These individuals may have access to structured programs to help with their skills for daily living such as maintaining personal hygiene and interacting with peers. However, the training does not usually extend beyond the classroom. In this project, we explore a digital support system that can bridge these gaps and enhance in-class training.


We are interested in ubiquitous computing and the research issues involved in building and evaluating ubicomp applications and services that impact our lives. Much of our work is situated in settings of everyday activity, such as the classroom, the office and the home. Our research focuses on several topics including, automated capture and access to live experiences, context-aware computing, applications and services in the home, natural interaction, software architecture, technology policy, security and privacy issues, and technology for individuals with special needs.