Game Based CAPTCHA

A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test used on the Internet to prevent bots from accessing web services that are designed for humans. We are investigating Automatic Game based CAPTCHA Generation (AGCG), in which an AI system generates games that, when played, distinguish between humans and bots. The game based CAPTCHA takes advantage of not only the bots' difficulty performing pattern/object recognition, but also their lack of commonsense knowledge. Thus it is more secure but remains easy and fun for humans, compared to traditional visual based CAPTCHAs. Furthermore, our AGCG system is capable of learning new commonsense knowledge based on users' response in the game based CAPTCHAs.

Mark Riedl

The Entertainment Intelligence Lab focuses on computational approaches to creating engaging and entertaining experiences. Some of the problem domains they work on include, computer games, storytelling, interactive digital worlds, adaptive media and procedural content generation. They expressly focus on computationally "hard" problems that require automation, just-in-time generation, and scalability of personalized experiences.