GTMobile is a web portal, built and maintained by the GT-RNOC, for the
deployment of web applications. GTMobile is meant to be a resource that
benefits the Georgia Tech community by providing a place where any
student, staff, alumni & faculty can host their application or service.
GTMobile features capabilities such as integration with Campus
authentication and authorization to ensure applications and services can
be differentiated and offered to the active GT community or the public.
GTMobile is also the showcase for the winning entries of Georgia Tech's
Fall Convergence Innovation Competition (
GTMobile is open to the entire GT community and all are encouraged to host
their applications on this portal and ensure that GTMobile is the
continued singular web point of presence for GT based services.

Matt Sanders, Russ Clark
Siva Jayaraman, Sean Donovan

The Georgia Tech Research Network Operations Center (GT-RNOC) exists to accelerate innovation in networking, computing, mobility and convergence by enabling communities of collaboration. GT-RNOC provides, supports and maintains a unique end-to-end infrastructure within a realistic operational setting, accessible to world class students, researchers and innovators from various disciplines across the many Georgia Tech research centers.

GT-RNOC leverages the unique position of Georgia Tech as a pre-eminent network and network service hub in the state, the region and increasingly in the world. It provides researchers with access to this unique network infrastructure. It provides network administrators and service providers with an invaluable tool for developing and testing new management solutions in a cutting edge environment. Industry members of GT-RNOC include leaders in wireless, telecom, and cable, plus equipment, application, and content providers.