Harry PottAR

Dr. Janet Murray
Pratik Shah, Ridhima Gupta, Liza George, Erica Pramer

An augmented reality mobile application that brings the wizarding world of Harry Potter to the real world for the purpose of answering the following research question: How do the following factors - timers, audio, interacting with virtual objects in the real world, interacting with real objects in the virtual world - increase or decrease a user's motivation to follow an interactive location-based narrative? This project will inform a set of design guidelines for motivating users to follow an interactive location-based narrative.

Janet Murray

The Prototyping eNarrative Lab (PeN Lab) at Georgia Tech applies digital information design and interaction design principles to digital storytelling to create more complex and expressive narratives, focusing on emerging platforms like experimental television, virtual reality, and augmented reality, and on the intersection of storytelling with game design and simulation design.