Jill Watson and AskJill: AI-Powered Q&A Agents

Sandeep Kakar, Ashok Goel
Pranav Guruprasad, Sona Jain, Raj Krishnan, Robert Lindgren, Pratyusha Maiti, Sanjeev Rao, Karan Taneja

Jill Watson and AskJill are AI-powered Q&A agents. Jill Watson, currently deployed in four classes, serves as a virtual TA that answers student questions related to course syllabus and schedule. It's goal is to enhance teacher presence in the class.

AskJill, evolved from Jill Watson, is an artificial intelligence explanation agent that can answer questions about the domain, operation and functionality of other AI systems as outlined in their user guides. It is currently deployed in an AI-based interactive learning environment VERA (Virtual Ecological Research Assistant).

Ashok Goel
Ashok Goel, Keith McGreggor, Spencer Rugaber
Tesca Fitzgerald, David Joyner, Rochelle Lobo, Bryan Wiltgen, Gongbo Zhang

The Design & Intelligence Laboratory conducts research into human-centered artificial intelligence and computational cognitive science, with a focus on computational creativity. Current projects explore analogical reasoning in biologically inspired design, visual reasoning on intelligence tests, meta-reasoning in game-playing software agents, and learning about ecological and biological systems in science education.