Journey to Dolphin Coast: A series of interactive exhibits for guests of the Georgia Aquarium’s Dolphin Celebration

Dr. Carrie Bruce, Hunter Spence
Courtney Allen, Hank Duhaime, Rex McKay

How do you making waiting around less tedious? We've partnered with the Georgia Aquarium to find a way to help build the excitement for the Dolphin Celebration shows.

Our solution tells guests the story and capabilities of dolphins, from which we are prototyping a single chapter that focuses on the wonders of echolocation. This project shows the designs of five interactive modules, called "chapters." Each teaches elements of dolphin behavior and interactions with their natural environment.

These chapters are:

  • "Dolphin Splash," an introduction to a set of micro interactions that educate guests about dolphin anatomy and habitats;
  • "Porpoising around," a bouncing game where digital dolphins swim along with their guest companion;
  • "Using your Melon," a charades game where digital dolphins interpret guests' gestures through echolocation;
  • "Circle up Team," a rotating tabletop game where guests work together to coral fish into a bait ball for digital dolphins to eat; and
  • "This is no Fluke," a walkthrough photo gallery that showcases mankind's relationship with dolphins, including the GAQ's ongoing conservation efforts.
Richard Henneman, Carrie Bruce
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