One Block: A Local Parent Community Bridging the Gap in Digital Inequality

Dr. Betsy DiSalvo
Parisa Khanipour Roshan, Cecili Reid, Michaelanne Dye, Maia Jacobs

Parents have an important role in improving their children's educational experience by providing them with learning opportunities Free online informal learning resources are available more than ever; however, research shows that people who may need these resources the most are not able to find them. In this study, we go beyond a binary definition of access to examine technology practices and level of access to information technologies among African-American parents in financially depressed communities in Westside Atlanta. We propose a hyper-local community for parents to be able to engage in neighborhood discussions and communicate available learning opportunities within the community.

Betsy DiSalvo

The CAT Lab studies how culture impacts the use and production of technology with a focus on learning applications, computer science education and designing new technologies with culture as a point of convergence.