Optimal Display Placement for Wearable Computers

Thad Starner
Malcolm Haynes

Where should a head-worn display (HWD) be placed for optimal viewing? Does the optimal position change between reading, working on a physical task like order picking, or social conversation? How do we test such issues? Our ongoing studies on user comfort and performance suggest the optimal placement is somewhere between 10 and 20 degrees off-center toward the ear.

Thad Starner

The Contextual Computing Group (CCG) creates wearable and ubiquitous computing technologies using techniques from artificial intelligence (AI) and human-computer interaction (HCI). We focus on giving users superpowers through augmenting their senses, improving learning, and providing intelligent assistants in everyday life. Members' long-term projects have included creating wearable computers (Google Glass), teaching manual skills without attention (Passive Haptic Learning), improving hand sensation after traumatic injury (Passive Haptic Rehabilitation), educational technology for the Deaf community, and communicating with dogs and dolphins through computer interfaces (Animal Computer Interaction).