Quick-Cut Video Editor

Dr. Betsy DiSalvo, Dr. Floraine Berthouzoz, Dr. Wil Li, Dr. Maneesh Agrawala
Kayla DesPortes, Colorado Reed

Videos are great tools for teaching, learning, and communication; however, because video editing is time-consuming and tedious there are few people who take on the task. Utilizing the advances that have been made in video editing tools and algorithms we could help to ease this burden. Quick-Cut is a video editing tool focused on narration videos. It attempts to cut down the time it takes to edit videos together, while still producing a quality final cut. The tool specifically targets improving the time for loading videos, aligning videos to specific points in the audio, and creating optimal cuts with optimal video quality.

Betsy DiSalvo

The CAT Lab studies how culture impacts the use and production of technology with a focus on learning applications, computer science education and designing new technologies with culture as a point of convergence.