Reconciling History

Dr. Janet Murray
Takara Portis

The Spring 2016 television miniseries, The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, captured imaginations and stirred memories. The series was based on the murder trial of football legend OJ Simpson and the resulting media circus. While watching, either viewer was remembering the events of the trial or enjoying the show's fictionalized narrative since they were too young or born after the trial. Since viewers are either re-living or "experiencing" these events for the first time through the series, can first-hand accounts and archived media be used as insights in a multimedia companion to dive deeper?

Janet Murray

The Prototyping eNarrative Lab (PeN Lab) at Georgia Tech applies digital information design and interaction design principles to digital storytelling to create more complex and expressive narratives, focusing on emerging platforms like experimental television, virtual reality, and augmented reality, and on the intersection of storytelling with game design and simulation design.