SPAN: Increasing Social Participation of Teens w/ Brain Injury via App-based Peer Coaching and Training

Jeremy Johnson, Ed Price
Robert McIndoe

Social Participation and Navigation (SPAN) is an intervention that integrates mobile app-based training and "peer coach" support around key aspects of social participation, including social communication and problem-solving skills, identification and remediation of barriers to participation, and establishment of social connections with others.

SPAN will focus on social participation as our core outcome, working with teens with TBI to identify and prioritize their own social participation goals and supports and barriers to participation, and teach strategies that teens can use to achieve their participation goals. Training of peer coaches and use of smartphone and web-based technology ensures that teens with TBI are directly supported in everyday life (school, community, and work), according to their own preferences and schedules, rather than in clinical settings where opportunities for social participation are limited.

This project is a collaboration with Cincinatti Children's Hospital Medical Center, Tufts University, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Children's Health Care of Atlanta.

Maribeth Gandy

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