Streetcar Sensors

Starting this summer, the Atlanta Streetcar began using a real-time dispatching method developed at Georgia Tech that eliminates the need for schedules and cuts down on passenger wait times. School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor Kari Watkins and Ph.D. student Simon Berrebi developed an algorithm that ensures each vehicle is spaced evenly along the 2.7-mile route in downtown Atlanta, maximizing the frequency of service. Unlike the previous method, the Georgia Tech algorithm uses real-time information.

One problem the researchers faced was the "urban canyon" effect where the GPS reception reverberates on buildings or is blocked entirely, creating an error in the signal and causing the apparent GPS location of the vehicles to wander. Watkins and Berrebi worked with Research Scientist Bill Eason of IPaT and the Georgia Tech Research Network Operations Center (GT-RNOC), and GT-RNOC Co-director Russ Clark to use a barometric pressure sensor. They found that the newest sensors, designed to be built into next-generation cell phones, are sensitive enough to detect changes in elevation of under a meter (3.3 feet). The sensor measures changes in elevation and allows for more accuracy in pinpointing the location of a streetcar in real-time.

Matt Sanders, Russ Clark
Siva Jayaraman, Sean Donovan

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