City Fables: An Argon Experience for the city of Malmö, Sweden

Jay Bolter, Maria Engberg
Josh Fisher, Colin Freeman

In collaboration with colleagues from Malmo University in Malmo, Sweden, the AEL is helping to develop a mixed-reality experience that is a narrative of cultural moments from the first half of the twentieth century. The Swedish project, under the direction of Profs. Maria Engerberg and Per Linde, is called Stadsfabula. The AEL is helping to create and test an Argon application that will recognize historic photographs on the walls of a museum space and play the video and audio. This is an experiment in the use of the Argon-aframe platform to create a compelling multimedia experience that is also easy to program and to modify.

Blair MacIntyre, Jay Bolter

Lab activities focus on understanding how to build interactive computing environments that directly augment a user's senses with computer-generated material. Researchers are interested in augmenting the user's perception, and place particular emphasis on the interaction between the users and their environment.