Projet: A Panorama Narrative

Maria Engberg (Research Affiliate), Jay Bolter (Digital Media)

This is the first is a series of experiments in locative narrative. In this version, Projet is entirely screen-based. Later applications in this series will use Argon to create true location-based narratives. Projet itself can be experienced on a laptop or desktop screen, but there is greater intimacy and effect when experienced on a tablet or phone.

A woman finds herself in a village in the French countryside, reflects on her present life, and recalls her past. Projet reduces the viewer's interaction to the barest minimum. The viewer intervenes by touching the screen at various moments to reanimate the narrative-to set a panorama or slideshow in motion like a music box. She can also scroll to explore the panoramas will the audio plays.

Idea, text, and images: Maria Engberg. Experience design and implementation: Maria Engberg and Jay Bolter. Voice Actor: Tess Kincaid.

Jay Bolter, Blair MacIntyre
Jisu Park, So-youn Jang, Hector Fan, Watson Hartsoe, Mudra Nagda, Namit Kapoor

Lab activities focus on understanding how to build interactive computing environments that directly augment a user's senses with computer-generated material. Researchers are interested in augmenting the user's perception, and place particular emphasis on the interaction between the users and their environment.