Our software engineering group works on development and maintenance of software, with the overall goal of creating high-quality software.

The Georgia Tech Sonification Lab is an interdisciplinary research group based in the School of Psychology and theSchool of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. Under the direction of Prof.

Security and privacy help realize the full potential of computing in society. Without authentication and encryption, for example, few would use digital wallets, social media or even e-mail. The struggle of security and privacy is to realize this potential without imposing too steep a cost.

The StoryCraft Lab conducts research at the intersection of computational craft and narrative as it exists in interactive digital media.

The Digital Media graduate program at Georgia Tech provides students with a foundational, theoretical background in digital media and the opportunity to practice what is learned in the classroom through active participation in labs and research.

TSynlab explores emerging modalities in new media. Our research focuses on tangible interaction and sensing technologies that support creative expression bridging the physical and digital worlds. Applications range across media arts, entertainment and educational domains.

In the TanDEm lab, we focus on matters relating to the design, deployment, adoption, and use of technologies towards empowerment - of underserved and under-represented communities in resource-constrained regions across the world.

The Teachable AI Lab (or TAIL for short) is an interdisciplinary research group at Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Interactive Computing. Our mission is to better understand how people teach and learn and to build machines that can teach and learn like people do.

The Technologies and International Development Lab at Georgia Tech researches the practice, the promise, and the peril of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in social, economic, and political development.

In the Technology-Integrated Learning Environments (TILES) lab we explore how technology meditates human learning in a variety of formal and informal contexts. Work in this lab is grounded in the Learning Sciences and explores how technologies can augment social and individual learning in context

Ubicomp Health and Wellnes Lab

We are interested in ubiquitous computing and the research issues involved in building and evaluating ubicomp applications and services that impact our lives. Much of our work is situated in settings of everyday activity, such as the classroom, the office and the home.

Under the direction of Dr. Kari Edison Watkins in Civil & Environmental Engineering, UTIL conducts research to improve sustainable transportation through better information.

We are VentureLab. We are passionate about entrepreneurship. We believe in the power of innovation, iteration, and evidence-based entrepreneurship. We value business models, not business plans. We educate, curate, and create, daily. We never take equity or ask for royalties.

Our goal is to help people make sense of data. We research and develop interactive visualizations that couple machine learning with visual interfaces of data for exploration and sensemaking.