XyloCode is an interactive museum experience to explore programming concepts in a collaborative and musical way.
Abstracting of the city's gaze using critical design
Twitch Plays Improv is an experiment in participatory narrative creation that utilizes the live streaming video platform as an arena for broadcasting improvisational theatre games. Drawing on the structures and implications of the "Twitch Plays Pokemon"phenomenon, Twitch Plays Improv digitizes the performative and participatory conventions of improv, allowing actors and audience members to collaboratively develop dynamic scenes and stories.
This project will focus on the impact of typeface identification to facilitate the visual design process. It will help identify the issues that hinder designer's creativity, provide support for their acquisition of inspirations and relieve them from organizing collectibles, design artifacts. The expected prototype will reflect the mental model for typeface categorization, and make a designer's workflow smooth and enjoyable.
Cultural taboos and inflexible social norms make it challenging to teach and communicate about menstrual health education in India. We present an investigation of current approaches used to educate adolescents about menstruation, examining the perspectives of parents, teachers, social workers, and health professionals for identifying design opportunities and potential for impact. There is also a palpable difference in attitudes regarding who must be taught, how, where, and when. We articulate factors that could shape access and receptivity to this knowledge.
In the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in the prevalence and widespread use of smart and ubiquitous technologies. These technologies include the use of smartphones, smartwatches and wearables, and smart devices. While these devices have a variety of benefits, they come at the cost of using our data for number of purposes that is not transparent to an average user. This project aims to understand how people perceive regarding privacy concerns with respect to their health data being collected and used by third party entities.
The intention is to understand in which contexts you feel motivated to report about your personal state. A typical GT student has a very busy life and it becomes challenging for researchers to obtain self-reported information from them in a natural setting. Using the sensors on your phone it is possible to learn the best time to interrupt students for information. Predicting moments when participants of in-the-wild studies feel motivated to report data can potentially improve the quality of such data.
Social media platforms have become sites for sociopolitical engagement with individuals increasingly using these platforms to advocate and share about sociopolitical issues. As social media becomes ubiquitous in the lives of youth, we are interested in how youth's exposure to online sociopolitical content influences their identity as engaged citizens in a democratic society.
Conducting a field study in partnership with GE Aviation, Human Factors and Maintainability group, to understand the impact of VR on the nature of work.
Foundational math, physics, biology, and chemistry instruction all have established traditions of using sketching and drawing to solve problems. From long division to Punnett squares, from free-body diagrams to molecular structures, students create diagrams and manipulate them to problem-solve. Introductory computer science and programming classes lack such well-developed and widely-used methods, even as computer science classes grow in popularity
COVID-19 and recent racial injustices like the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor have highlighted the importance of social ties. Amidst the viral pandemic, many have socially distanced themselves from their social networks, breaking down crucial support systems and creating threats to one's psychosocial well-being. On the other hand, recent racial injustices have also sparked unprecedented social movement that have mobilized social networks to take collective action for social change. As such, both of these stressors emphasize the importance of social ties and network