There is a growing semi-automated fleet in the US, and the occupants of many of these semi-automated cars are frequently reading, working, watching movies, and even sleeping. To ensure safety and effective design of products, there is a need to examine the issues of: (a) the impact that being in the car has on performing non-driving tasks; and (b) the impact that performing non-driving tasks has on the person’s ability to re-engage in managing the vehicle’s operation. We are currently studying the task of using virtual reality in a vehicle, and its effect on situation awareness and trust.
This project explores how YouTube can leverage NFTs
Through this interaction we aim to see if doing physical movements in a virtual space, coupled with a peaceful environment, can help users destress. The interactor enters a mystical fairy land when suddenly he/she sees a flash of light hurling towards the ground. The flash of light injures one of the 5 fairies in the scene. The injured fairy falls down, upon being hit by the light, and can no longer fly. The other fairies in the scene ask for the interactor's strength to help them heal the injured fairy.
ZEUSSS or Zero Energy Ubiquitous Sound Sensing Surface allows physical objects and surfaces to be instrumented with a thin, self-sustainable material, giving rise to revolutionary applications such as interactive walls, localization of sound sources and people, surveillance via audio, contextualization and safer authentication services.