Huaiwei Sun and Nikhila Nyapathy are working with Dr. Arriaga on developing an mHealth tool for children and teenagers with asthma for better self-management. Huaiwei is working to create age-appropriate icons and asthma action plan for the children and teenagers. Nikhila is working to understand how mHealth tool could contribute to the continuity of care.
Technology is changing the scope and quality of healthcare through applications such as telemedicine and home health technology by offering a cost-effective and accessible means to manage chronic disease. People are increasingly taking a proactive role in monitoring and maintaining their health, e.g., monitoring blood pressure to prevent stroke, or measuring blood sugar levels to regulate diabetes. One of the most pressing health issues we face today is a stroke.
learning from craft practices, tools, and crafters to enhance media and interaction design
With their high cognition, engineer-like curiosity, and close relation to humans, orangutans are an extraordinary user to study. The project aims to provide animal care staff and organizations new methods in enriching the lives of animals in their care by creating applications with the Kinect for interactive projections.
Currently 6.8 million children in America have asthma, a disease of the respiratory system that causes inflammation of the airways. An asthma action plan is an individualized health management plan that doctors give to their patients to help control their condition. It functions by illustrating what actions to take at different levels of symptom severity from day-to-day medication use to emergency situations. A problem arises for the caregivers of asthmatic children who may not have the educational background to understand the information in an action plan.
Digital Naturalism investigates the role that Digital Media can play for Biological Field Work. It looks to uphold the naturalistic values of wilderness exploration while investigating the new abilities offered by digital technology. Digital Naturalism unites biologists, designers, engineers, and artists to build and analyze new devices. It focuses on crafting DIY technology and interacting with animals in new ways. In particular, Digital Naturalism looks at how digital media can be used to explore animal behaviors situated in their natural context.
Computing and communication technologies for peacemaking, peacekeeping, and post-conflict reconciliation.
Computing and communication technologies for peacemaking, peacekeeping, and post-conflict reconciliation.
Computing and communication technologies for peacemaking, peacekeeping, and post-conflict reconciliation.
The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly caused a lot of disruption in how universities operate. Proactive campuses use a combination of testing, tracing, and encouraging safe practices to contain infectious spread while still maintaining some semblance of operation. In this video, we will present some work on using WiFi authentication logs to support contact tracing (identifying potential contacts) as well as understanding the impact of policy (e.g., online teaching only) on infectious spread.
Using a sample of 32 million Reddit posts, we characterize the removal explanations that are provided to Redditors, and link them to measures of subsequent user behaviors—including future post submissions and future post removals.
“Don't Open That Door” is a gesture-based interactive narrative project set in the universe of the TV show Supernatural. This project creates a dramatic agency for the interactor by leveraging expectations of the horror genre within a seamless scenario that elicits expressive actions and provides a dramatically satisfying response. We match interaction and narrative elements to support the following design goals: Story-driven Physical Reactions, Persistent and Uninterrupted Narrative, Scripting of the Interactor by Narrative.
Business ecosystems are characterized by large, complex, and global networks of firms, often from many different market segments, all collaborating, partnering, and competing to create and deliver new products and services. Given the rapidly increasing scale, complexity, and rate of change of business ecosystems, as well as economic and competitive pressures, analysts are faced with the formidable task of quickly understanding the fundamental characteristics of these interfirm networks.